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Our team

Dr Sanchita Dube

Senior Consultant Obstetrician & GynecologistMBBS, MD, DNB,

Dr Nitin Ghonge

Senior Consultant Radiologist & Ultrasonologist.MBBS, MD, DNB,

Kanishk ghonge

Nutritionist3rd year MBBS student, NESTA- Fitness and Nutrition Coach, ICMR- basic nutrition certification

Dr Sanchita Dube

Senior Consultant Obstetrician & GynecologistMD, DNB, MNAMS, FICOG, FICMICH, FIMSA, MCGSpecial Expertise in High-risk Obstetrics, Infertility, Laparoscopic Surgery, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Gynecology

Dr. Sanchita Dube Ghonge, an accomplished Obstetrician & Gynecologist, stands as a beacon of expertise in the field. Holding MBBS, MD, DNB [OBS &GYN] degrees, she serves as a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist at Apollo Hospital, Sec-26, NOIDA, India.With a legacy of premier academic affiliations, including HolyFamily Hospital and Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, Dr. Ghonge boasts a comprehensive post-qualification experience spanning 15 years.Her areas of focus encompass the realm of High-risk Obstetrics, Operative laparoscopy, Infertility, and Gynecologic Endocrinology. Beyond clinical practice, Dr. Ghonge engages passionately in research, evidenced by over 30 scientific presentations, 2 research publications, and a notable book chapter to her name.She is an active member of prominent medical societies, including NOIDA Obstetricians & Gynecologists Society (NOGS) and Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Delhi (AOGD). Her dedication to 'Evidence-based Medicine' underscores her commitment to accurate diagnosis, effective patient counseling, and timely treatment.Guided by a holistic perspective, Dr. Ghonge melds clinical wisdom with scientific insight, while also acknowledging the profound influence of nature in health, disease, and birthing processes. With an ethical, balanced approach, she exemplifies Obstetrics & Gynecology, providing her patients with compassionate, optimal healthcare.

Dr Nitin Ghonge

Senior Consultant Radiologist & Ultrasonologist.MD, DNB, MNAMS, FICR, FIMSA.Special Expertise in Evidence-based Medical Diagnosis
& Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge, a distinguished radiologist, brings a wealth of expertise to Evidence HealthCare Clinic. Holding MBBS, MD, DNB [Radiology], FICR, FIMSA credentials and an Abdominal Imaging Fellowship from Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, he stands as a Consultant Radiologist & Ultrasonologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India.With over 15 years of post-qualification experience, Dr. Ghonge's proficiency extends to a spectrum of specialties, including Abdominal Imaging, Vascular studies, and Imaging in Fetal and Reproductive Medicine. His journey encompasses stints at eminent academic institutions, including All India Institute of Medical Sciences [AIIMS] and Diwanchand Satyapal Aggarwal Imaging Research Centre, KG Marg, New Delhi.His adeptness spans beyond Ultrasound-Doppler, encompassing X-rays, Mammography, CT, MRI, DEXA, Nuclear medicine, PET-CT, PET-MRI, and Interventional Radiology. Beyond clinical excellence, he is actively engaged in Radiology education and research, conducting insightful "Radiology Resident’s ‘Hot-seat’ review courses" at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. This initiative, attended by doctors across North India, exemplifies his dedication to sharing knowledge.Dr. Ghonge's contributions reverberate globally, with over 75 invited presentations at prestigious national and international Radiology conferences. His research finds a place in more than 35 publications across Radiology and non-Radiology scientific journals, alongside 3 book chapters. Holding esteemed roles in Radiology & Imaging journals' editorial boards, including Radiology (Radiological Society of North America), British Journal of Radiology, and more, his impact is palpable.Central to his practice is the cornerstone belief in 'Evidence-based Medicine.' He champions an approach where clinical history, patient needs, and diagnostic precision coalesce, prioritizing a "Patient-centric approach and Problem-solving attitude." With each scan, he seeks not only to visualize but to uncover, leveraging judicious scanning to unravel clinical enigmas. His ethos rests on the prudent, ethical, and comprehensive utilization of imaging technology to fathom the core of symptoms and champion efficient healthcare delivery.Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge's journey is defined by the synergy of evidence, expertise, and a resolute commitment to patient-centered care. At Evidence HealthCare Clinic, his vision echoes, forming an integral part of our commitment to exceptional healthcare.

What is evidence based medicine (EBM)?

Evidence-based approach in Clinical Practice

“Evidence-based medicine (EBM)” is defined as “the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.” [Sackett et al; British Medical Journal 1996; 312(7023): 71-72.] The practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical experience with the best available clinical evidence. Good doctors always rely on clinical expertise as well as scientific evidence to establish the accurate disease diagnosis and to ensure effective patient treatment. This is particularly relevant in the present era of super-specialization, technology and commercialism in Medicine. “Evidence-based Medicine” is a unique concept which integrates the Doctor’s clinical expertise and available scientific evidence with due respect to patient’s preferences, to decide the most appropriate line of treatment for the patient’s well-being and care.We at "Evidence HealthCare CLINIC” follow the concept of “Evidence-based Medicine” in clinical practice with sincere, ethical and balanced approach to provide the best possible healthcare services to our patients.

"The art of MEDICINE consists in amusing the patient, while the NATURE cures the disease”…Reading today, this famous quote by Voltaire made as early as 17th century, does seem to underplay the crucial role medical professionals play in alleviating the human sufferings. But if we read ‘between the lines’, the quote does make lot of sense without understating the science of Medicine and the role of medical professionals. It simply emphasizes the impact of Mother Nature in life of humans during health and disease.Amid scientific advancements and technological innovations, the human’s thought process today certainly has a greater scientific inclination than ever before. With same scientific temperament, Doctors tend to seek scientific explanations and evidence-based solutions to provide relief to the suffering patient. ‘Patient-centric’ approach and ‘Problem-solving’ attitude are certainly vital assets of a good Doctor. In present times, we all need to understand the limitations of scientific knowledge, potential side-effects of technology and implications of widespread commercialism. It is time that we realize and respect the role of Mother Nature in disease processes and follow the nature’s laws.As Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in 15th century itself.“Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those, who live according to its laws”.We, at Evidence Healthcare Clinic, work on same philosophy and believe in sincere, ethical and balanced approach towards our work and patients. Whether it is use of diagnostic investigations or line of treatment, we always adopt a ‘balanced’ approach rather than being too ‘aggressive’ or too ‘conservative’. We always integrate clinical skills and scientific evidence with due respect to patient’s preferences to provide ‘state-of-the-art’ healthcare services. We practice ‘Evidence-based Medicine’ with high standards of sincerity and medical ethics so as to ensure high healthcare standards for our patients without compromising the sync with Nature.

Our Services

(W.E.F. 01-04-2024)

Dr Sanchita Dube

Consultation charges- 1200/-

Laser procedure for Vaginal rejuvenation6000/-per session*
Laser procedure for Genito urinary symptoms of Menopause6000/- per session*
Laser procedure for stress urinary incontinence6000/-per session*
Laser procedure for Recurrent vaginal infection6000/-per session*
Laser procedure for cervical erosion10,000/-*
Laser procedure for vaginal laxity post Delivery6000/- per session*
Pap Smear2000/-
Cervical cancer vaccineas per MRP

Dr Nitin P Ghonge

Consultation charges- 1200/-

Ultrasound Whole Abdomen2200/-
Ultrasound Upper Abdomen1700/-
Ultrasound Pelvis – TAS1700/-
Ultrasound Pelvis-TVS1700/-
Ultrasound Pelvis-TVS with Doppler2000/-
Ultrasound KUB1700/-
Ultrasound Small Parts-Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum2500/-
Ultrasound NECK2500/-
Follicular Monitoring - Complete3800/-
Follicular Monitoring - Single1700/-
Viability Scan-US Pelvis TAS1700/-
Viability Scan-US Pelvis TVS1700/-
Ultrasound Antenatal-Routine2800/-
Ultrasound Antenatal level I (NT/NB scan)3000/-
Ultrasound Antenatal level 2 Scan4000/-
Ultrasound follow-up Level 23000/-
Pregnancy Doppler3500/-
Obstetric Doppler with BPS3700/-
Carotid Doppler3200/-
Renal Doppler3200/-
Portal-venous Doppler3200/-
Abdominal aorta Doppler3200/-
Venous Doppler 1 limb3200/-
Arterial Doppler 1 limb3200/-
Venous Doppler 2 limb3700/-
Arterial Doppler 2 limbs3700/-
Arterial & Venous Doppler 2 limbs5000/-
Pelvic Doppler2000/-
Scrotal Doppler2500/-
Ultrasound Elastography of LIVER2000/-
Ultrasound LIVER for fat estimation2000/-
Fetal ECHO2000/-
3D / 4D / 5D Fetal Ultrasound1000/- (+ Standard scan charges)

  • A prior appointment will help us serve you better.

  • Kindly do not ask for discounts and help us in maintaining the quality of our work.

  • Ultrasound examinations will also include use of relevant Color / Spectral Doppler, B-flow and elastography techniques without any additional payment. The objective is to attain the precise medical diagnosis to ensure efficient healthcare for our patients.

  • These rates are comprehensive and essentially include consultation with the Radiologist/ Gynaecologist, comparison with the previous scans (if available) and effective patient education.

  • *-The final charges will depend on the exact clinical background, the mentioned rates are just for reference



🗓️04 May 2020

The pandemonium of COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected every human on this planet. Amidst infodemic of healthcare blogs and expert comments, it is difficult for common person to decide the correct prevention protocol for COVID-19.As novel corona virus [2019-n-Cov] is a new virus, robust scientific evidence to decide the prevention protocols are not presently available. COVID-19 poses a low threat at ‘individual level’ and high risk at ‘population level’, due to low pathogenicity and high infectivity. Appropriate self-care for disease prevention at individual levels can stop transmission of disease in the community.COVID-19 crisis needs comprehensive approach. ‘While closely approaching a tree, one should not lose view of the forest’. Medical expert should not only talk about the positive side of their respective fields. In today’s testing times, experts should provide fair, balanced and unbiased opinion in the interest of humankind. The turf battles between different forms of medicine should take a backseat. This is the time to evolve a ‘middle path’, which integrates the best available options, backed with science and common sense. Scientific evidence gathered from Allopathy integrated with age-old wisdom of Ayurveda is the best approach for protection against COVID-19.Despite my training in Allopathic Medicine, I have immense interest and respect for Ayurveda and Yoga with basic understanding of its timeless concepts and practices. I firmly believe in the huge potential of lifestyle medicine for disease prevention. As a Clinical Radiologist, I have seen cross-sectional anatomy of human body and observed alterations in human physiology during the disease processes in ‘black and white’ through the ‘256 shades of grey’ for last 20 years.The prevention protocol for COVID-19 should be based on lifestyle decisions and supported by available scientific evidence and common sense reasoning. The outlined integrated healthcare approach may provide a ray of hope to humankind in these uncertain times:STRICTLY FOLLOW ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ AND ADOPT ‘NAMASTE’:Social distancing measures need to be followed. As human is a social creature, they need not socially distance themselves from family and friends. ‘Physical distancing’ of at least 6 feet and wearing face masks is mandatory to break the virus transmission chain.As the cycle of life brings new normals by virtue of change, the world needs to adapt to new norms to avoid infections, new ways of life and new forms of human interactions. Now is the time to adopt the ‘Namaste’ culture to minimize further spread of infections.PERSONAL HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS MEASURES:As ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’; personal hygiene measures are important. Frequent handwashing is the best way for protection from infections. Appropriate use of soap and water or an alcohol-based (at least 60%) hand sanitizer with scrubbing for at least 20 seconds is mandatory. Sir William Osler has mentioned 100 years ago, that “soap, water and common sense are the disinfectants”, which is even applicable today.NON-SPECIFIC ‘VIRUS-HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT’ TO CREATE LOCAL BARRIER:The innermost lining of our airways (mucosa) has an intrinsic environment, which depends upon degree of acidity / alkalinity, temperature, humidity and bacterial flora. These factors need to remain in balance to maintain the state of perfect mucosal health which can offer strong local barrier to Corona-virus. The inciting factors, like excessive exposure to cold and moisture may lead to their imbalance. Body’s response to this imbalance causes inflammation – ‘mucositis’. The mucosa becomes vulnerable to the attacks of respiratory pathogens and clinical disease may manifest.Ayurveda suggest several household remedies to maintain balance of local mucosal factors and perfect mucosal health, which are cheap, easy to perform and usually safe. These measures may provide protection against COVID-19.STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM FOR STRONG SYSTEMIC DEFENSE:Adaptive immunity to Corona-virus is not expected in human without the vaccines. Till then, prevention against COVID-19 essentially depends on our innate immunity - broad non-specific immune response against all pathogens. Innate immunity is the first line of defense against 2019-nCov. The strength of immunity depends upon genetic composition, nutrition, mental health and environmental factors. Though we cannot alter the genetics and environmental factors, we can certainly control the nutritional status and mental health.Ayurveda emphasis on the healing powers of Mother Nature and advocates the use of several herbs which can enhance innate immunity. It is important to understand that moderation is the key for consumption of Ayurvedic herbs. Balanced diet should include prescribed dosage of Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, probiotics, proteins and anti-oxidants which are known to boost respiratory immunity. The required dosage may also be achieved with use of dietary supplements, but natural sources are always better in terms of bioabsorption and bioavailability. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great source of essential vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants. Nuts, seeds and dry fruits are excellent substitute for daily snacks and are truly ‘nature’s fast food’.India is the land of spices with wide varieties of spices available in the Indian Kitchen. These aromatic spices are integral part of conventional Indian cooking. Apart from providing great taste and color to the food, these spices offer enormous health benefits including the anti-microbial actions. With globalization, an increasing number of Indians have adopted the western food trends and ignored the goodness of conventional Indian foods. COVID-19 crisis is the time to redefine our priorities and bring appropriate changes in the dietary and cooking habits for a healthy living.“It is always better to eat food as medicine, than eating medicine as food”.LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS:Lessons from the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic makes it very clear that COVID-19 will remain a cause of concern for at least a year or so till the vaccine is available. Moreover, corona viruses will still remain in nature with rich reservoirs in bats and rodents and will remain a threat for pandemics in future.We need to understand the importance of lifestyle choices in determining our innate immunity. This is the time when society need to act and every individual need to incorporate healthy lifestyle and bring lifestyle modifications. It is important to adapt to healthy practices to derive maximum benefits from the NUTRITION in our diet.Cut the CRAP [CRAP is the acronym for the foods, which contain empty calories but also contain ingredients that deprive the body of essential nutrients] : AVOID CARBONATED DRINKS, REFINED SUGAR, ARTIFICIAL COLORS & FLAVORS AND PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS.Ensuring optimal HYDRATION is one of the most basic things you can do for your health. Regular EXERCISE develops muscle strength and posture, reduces body fat, improves digestion and sleep, boosts the immune system and may slow the aging processes. Yoga should be performed daily with combination of stretching exercises and coordinated breathing (Pranayam) along with persistent practice of ‘Mindful Meditation’. This will ensure good physical and mental health which are essential ingredients of strong immune functions.Remember, “FOOD is the most abused anti-anxiety drug and EXERCISE is the most underutilized antidepressant”.The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is often viewed with suspicion by the Modern Medicine, as the Ayurvedic practices have never been examined in a scientific way and are often based on observations and experimentation. The practice of hypothesis testing and establishing cause-effect relationship is not always feasible in Ayurveda because the protocols are often personalized and based on the body constitution. Ayurveda-based prevention protocols cannot be ignored, for paucity of scientific evidence, if they are backed with science and common sense reasoning. Fresh Air and sunlight have helped the humankind during the 1918 Spanish flu and are likely to play preventive role in COVID-19 as well. The scientific evidence and validation to substantiate this fact is neither available nor necessary.Despite the unique challenges brought about by large population with illiteracy, religious heterogeneity and socio-economic disparities, India’s bold and efficient governance ensured prompt and effective measures to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Indian healthcare is in a best position to adopt and integrate the best medical practices from the treasure trove of Ayurveda and the clinical excellence of Allopathic Medicine. In fact, India should lead the global humanity in this war against the COVID-19 pandemic and the future pandemic threats with an ‘INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE APPROACH’.HEALTHY INDIA will provide strong foundation for a Stronger India and Stronger World.Let’s INTEGRATE the best of Allopathy & Ayurveda to fight COVID-19.We shall overcome…

-Dr. Nitin P. Ghonge, MBBS, MD, DNB [Radiology], FICR, FIMSA.Email: drnitinpghonge@gmail.comMobile: 9811135957.