Evidence-based approach in Clinical Practice

“Evidence-based medicine (EBM)” is defined as “the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.” [Sackett et al; British Medical Journal 1996; 312(7023): 71-72.] The practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical experience with the best available clinical evidence. Good doctors always rely on clinical expertise as well as scientific evidence to establish the accurate disease diagnosis and to ensure effective patient treatment. This is particularly relevant in the present era of super-specialization, technology and commercialism in Medicine. “Evidence-based Medicine” is a unique concept which integrates the Doctor’s clinical expertise and available scientific evidence with due respect to patient’s preferences, to decide the most appropriate line of treatment for the patient’s well-being and care.We at "Evidence HealthCare CLINIC” follow the concept of “Evidence-based Medicine” in clinical practice with sincere, ethical and balanced approach to provide the best possible healthcare services to our patients.

"The art of MEDICINE consists in amusing the patient, while the NATURE cures the disease”…

Reading today, this famous quote by Voltaire made as early as 17th century, does seem to underplay the crucial role medical professionals play in alleviating the human sufferings. But if we read ‘between the lines’, the quote does make lot of sense without understating the science of Medicine and the role of medical professionals. It simply emphasizes the impact of Mother Nature in life of humans during health and disease.

Amid scientific advancements and technological innovations, the human’s thought process today certainly has a greater scientific inclination than ever before. With same scientific temperament, Doctors tend to seek scientific explanations and evidence-based solutions to provide relief to the suffering patient. ‘Patient-centric’ approach and ‘Problem-solving’ attitude are certainly vital assets of a good Doctor. In present times, we all need to understand the limitations of scientific knowledge, potential side-effects of technology and implications of widespread commercialism. It is time that we realize and respect the role of Mother Nature in disease processes and follow the nature’s laws.

As Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in 15th century itself.

“Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those, who live according to its laws”.

We, at Evidence Healthcare Clinic, work on same philosophy and believe in sincere, ethical and balanced approach towards our work and patients. Whether it is use of diagnostic investigations or line of treatment, we always adopt a ‘balanced’ approach rather than being too ‘aggressive’ or too ‘conservative’. We always integrate clinical skills and scientific evidence with due respect to patient’s preferences to provide ‘state-of-the-art’ healthcare services. We practice ‘Evidence-based Medicine’ with high standards of sincerity and medical ethics so as to ensure high healthcare standards for our patients without compromising the sync with Nature.