Ultrasound Examinations and Charges (W.E.F 01-04-2017).

Examination Amount (INR)
Ultrasound whole abdomen 1800
Ultrasound upper abdomen 1500
Ultrasound Pelvis–TAS. 1200
Ultrasound Pelvis-TAS and TVS 1500
Ultrasound KUB 1500
Ultrasound Small Parts-Breast, Thyroid, Scrotum 2200
Ultrasound NECK 2200
TRUS 2200
Follicular monitoring-complete 2800
Follicular monitoring- single 1200
Viability Scan-US Pelvis-TAS 1200
Viability Scan-US Pelvis-TAS & TVS 1500
Ultrasound Antenatal-routine 1800
Ultrasound antenatal level I (11-14 weeks scan) 2200
Ultrasound antenatal-Level II scan 3300
Pregnancy Doppler 2800
Obstetric Doppler with BPS 3000
Region Amount (INR)
Carotid Doppler 2800
Renal Doppler 2800
Portal-venous Doppler 2800
Abdominal aorta Doppler 2500
Venous Doppler 1 limb 2500
Arterial Doppler 1 limb 2500
Venous Doppler 2 limbs 3200
Arterial Doppler 2 limbs 3200
Arterial & Venous Doppler–2 limbs. 4500
Pelvic Doppler 2000
Scrotal Doppler 2000

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Ultrasound examinations will also include use of relevant Color / Spectral Doppler, B-flow and elastography techniques without any additional payment. The objective is to attain the precise medical diagnosis to ensure efficient healthcare for our patients.

These rates are comprehensive and essentially include consultation with the Radiologist, comparison with the previous scans (if available) and effective patient education.